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Canned Sardine in Vegetable Oil Best Product

Canned sardine in vegetable oil is good when you talk about the taste only because they are famous for the rich flavor and great texture. The sardine fish seems to retain much of its taste, texture, and flavor when packaged in oil. In addition, canned sardine in oil is great for many recipes including sardine salad. However, some people also mentioned about the extra calories and fats from the vegetable oil. This is more important as well when you purchase sardine in vegetable oil at food stores. Choosing high quality canned sardine and make sure that the product use good quality of vegetable oil so the extra calories and fats are fine to be eaten, in contrast cheap vegetable oil can be harmful especially the presence of omega 3 fatty acids in the sardine fish.
Canned sardine in vegetable oil versus canned sardine in water
Oppositely, canned sardine in water tend to dry faster in texture than sardine in oil plus they do not go well to be used in mayonnaise based dressings. However, they are good to keep the omega 3 fatty acids from the sardine and tuna packaged in water can be easily drained then used in any dressing that you love. Moreover, sardine in water is lower in calories and fats thus they are healthier than tuna in oil. If you prefer tuna in water then you can drain the liquid first and then add additional seasonings for better taste.
In conclusion, the choice between canned sardine in vegetable oil product and canned sardine in water is totally personal preference. If you only care about the taste of the sardine fish then most of people prefer sardine in oil either vegetable oil or olive oil. Meanwhile, if you care more about healthier product then it is better to choose sardine in water. Moreover, there is sardine in brine which is salt water, they are healthier than oil as well but you need to be careful with the sodium content since the manufacturer add extra salt in addition of the natural sodium in the sardine. Over consume of sodium is not that good for your body and so you should check the sardine label which mention about “low in sodium”. Well, in the end you should choose the one that suit your taste the best including your needs and wants.
This is the benefits that you can get by eating canned sardine in vegetable oil best product:
-          Protein intake: Eating canned sardine has the effect for more protein intake and sardine is one of the cheapest sources of protein that you can have.
-          Omega 3 fatty acids: This content is good for your cardiovascular health and supports your brain function. This is also an important nutrition to maintain both healthy skin and hair.
-          Vitamins and Minerals: Canned sardine in vegetable oil factory product offers various vitamins and minerals such as vitamin D and calcium that are totally good for your body.
Selecting and cooking canned sardine in vegetable oil
To find the best canned sardine fish in vegetable oil, you should check the cans and make sure that there are no leaked or bulging lids on the packaging. In addition, choose reduce sodium varieties of sardine in vegetable oil. After that, check the nutrition label to make sure that there is no unnecessary ingredients that added in the canned sardine. Avoid choosing type of sardine that are high in calories, there are many species of sardine and it is better to pick smaller sardine in size because they have lower mercury content than larger sardines.
Sardines can be cooked for many recipes, since sardines contain small bones, you can either pick canned sardine in vegetable oil boneless and skinless or simply eat the bones because the canning process makes the bones softer and edible. You can try to use sardines as pizza topping, on salad, mixed the sardine with egg scramble, and many more. Here are some ideas for sardine recipes that you can cook such as:
-          Mixed canned sardine with egg tahini salad
-          Use canned sardine on top of gluten free flatbread pizza mixed with other toppings
-          You can mix sardines with zucchini noodles with marinara sauce
Canned sardine in vegetable oil is always good for your favorite recipes and thus you can experiment with the sardines to make your own recipes.

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