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Canned Crab Meats is one great business now because Canned Crab Meats instant to process. Canned Crab Meat is very favorite by many people because Canned Crab Meats delicious and easy to eat. Canned Crab Meat is not easy to find because Canned Crab is very hard to Produce and need mass production of Crab Meats. Indonesia Canned Crab Meat Supplier is one great Canned Crab Meat Supplier in the world because Indonesia is big maritime location. 
To find Indonesia Canned Crab Meat Suppliers, we need to selected the best Indonesia Canned Crab Meat Suppliers. Best Indonesia Canned Crab Meat Supplier know many regulation, Custom, best shipping and has High Quality Canned Crab Meats. Indonesia Canned Crab Meat Supplier with many experience export Canned Crab Meat will help us get best Product and far away from problem in custom. 
Canned Crab  Meat from Crab Canning Manufacturers is great from other Crab meat because Canned Crab Meats can survive for long time. Crab Canning Manufacturers has many process before keep the Crab meat in to Canned. With high Technology Crab Canning Manufacturers can produce hygienes product and far away from micro organism. Usually to make Canned Crab is not easy because need hygienes and cook it with great temperature. 
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Unique Crab Behavioral Adaptations for Survival

There are many crab behavioral adaptations for survival that this shellfish do since they need to be able to fight their predators and live in their natural habitat. This creature itself is actually very unique shellfish and with great taste, this creature has also become one of the best food fish that people love to consume. However, even though this creature has become a popular food fish, but most people do not have a lot of knowledge about it especially on their behavior and adaptation that they do in their natural habitat so they can survived. That is why; if you are interested, then let us find out more about their survival adaptation here.
What is Crab Behavioral Adaptations for Survival?
Actually there are various reasons why crab behavioral adaptations for survival exist since they need to survive in their natural habitat. The crabs are living in various habitats from fully marine creature, in estuaries area, or fully land creature. But most of the time, their adaptation is similar to one another since they all also have similar needs. Those needs are important so they can survive well in the nature and grow well. This might be the reason why, you notice that the crab can grow better in controlled environment such as when they are growing inside a crab farm. But outside the crab farm, then the situation would be different since they do not have controlled environment thus they need to adapt well to conquer all of the challenge in the nature.
First thing that they need to do is to find a way to hide themselves from their predators. To do this they will have behavior to dig the sand or mud using their claws where they can hide themselves inside. The mud and sand are very dark, thus their predators cannot see them when they hide inside the holes that they dig. Their body color is another adaptation that they do since their color will work as camouflage where they can hide within the same color area with their body color. That way, their natural predator cannot easily detect them when they hide themselves. This might be the reason why you cannot easily see them in their natural habitat as they can hide very well.
Other crab behavioral adaptations for survival that they do are to find place where they can hunt for food better. That is why; sometimes they will go into the intertidal area where they can hunt their food better especially when the high tide comes. Now when they already get enough food, then they will go back to their safe place which usually on sub tidal area where they can hide better during the low tide times. Surely different crab species has different preference when it comes to the place where they live. That is why; the crabs may choose to live in different habitat thus their behavior will also different according to the habitat where they choose to live.
Nevertheless crab is a type of creature that can adapt very well in their environment thus they can survive well with the change that available in the water where they live or with other natural condition changes. This adaptation is actually beneficial for you who want to farm this food fish as you can easily create controlled condition where the crab can live well in that environment. Once they live inside the controlled environment and survived, then they can grow very well. Now you can use them for commercial usage once you are success in growing them inside your crab farm.
Besides the natural crab behavioral adaptations for survival, their adaptation also comes in the physical change that they do. This physical adaptation is done so they can survive better in their natural habitat. First physical adaptation that they do is to protect their body with their skeleton. This is why; their skeleton lies outside their body instead of inside like other creatures. However, when it comes to the structure their exoskeleton is actually very similar to our skeleton which is very rigid. Their exoskeleton is also very hard which will then forming carapace that function to protect their internal organ and body inside. By using their skeleton as armor, then they can protect themselves better from their natural predators.
Other physical adaptation that you can see from the crab is on their legs. You surely already know that they have eight legs with two different legs. Those two different legs are actually their form of crab behavioral adaptations for survival. Through the adaptation, they are able to change those two legs into bigger size claws. And using those claws they are able to defend themselves from their predators. Furthermore, they would also able to catch their prey better by using those claws to grab the prey. Thus this adaptation is actually very important for the crab survival rate. The claws are actually also useful when they made with the female crab. During the mating time, the claw will be used as a display which is a way to attract the female crab so they would mate with the male. Sometimes the claw will also used to fight other male crab to win the female.
Another form of adaptation that they crab done so they can survive very well in their nature is on the way they breathe. As you know some of the crabs are using gill to breathe thus some of the crab that move to dry place will have special plate which allows them to stored the water inside their body so they can breathe outside the water. Sometimes they will even stored water inside their blood and even their bladder. But for a fully land crab, their adaptation is very extreme as they will change the way that they breathe completely. They do would not need water anymore since their gill has changed function to be similar to our lungs. As you can see, there are various crab behavioral adaptations for survival which allows them to live better in their natural habitat.

Crab Canning Manufacturers

Crab canning manufacturers offer canned crab meat product process in the factory which consists of pasteurization process to the delivery process until they are sold in the market. With the pasteurized process, the canned crab meat is 100 percent free from the bacteria and the canning process in factory allows the crab meat to have longer shelf life than most of the fresh or frozen unpasteurized crab meats. Canning process also refers to the crab meat that packed inside metal cans thus it is a simplest method to offer good quality crab meat in the easiest way. Learn the stage of canning manufacturer’s process below.
Understanding crab canning manufacturers process
Crab canning manufacturers in the world use pasteurized process to pack the crab meat inside cans and this canning process conducted in the facilities which consist of several stages from selecting, preparing, cleaning, heating, cooking, to the shipping process. First, the fresh and alive crabs arrive in the factory after being harvested from the ocean. And when the factory received the crabs, the staffs will start to inspect and sorted the crabs based on their sizes, species, and qualities.
The selected crabs are cleaned, washed, and prepared by remove all the crab shells attached. The crabs that already cleaned are going through the next process with high temperature. This heated pressured process called pasteurization stage that conducted in the pasteurized room With this special pasteurized process thus all of the harmful bacteria are killed and then the crab meat is sealed inside some air tight container.
The next stage is to cook the crab meats. The crabs are cooled down in cooler room until they are stops steaming. Sometime the cooling process needs around 2 hours to make the crab meat stop steaming. After that, the pasteurized crabs are going through cooking process in cooked room with 250 degrees high temperature.
The crabs are going through cooler room in trusted crab canning manufacturers process to stop the steaming after being cooked in the high temperature. By hands, the crab meat is packaged into metal cans manually. After the crab meat cans are checked by weight and size in the packing room, to be able to lock the freshness and sucked out the air, these cans are hermetically sealed.
Final stage includes the last pasteurized process by heating the cans once again in the water bath and then cooled down with water or ice slush. After that, all the canned crab meat put into a room for few hours to make sure they are not damaged such as leaked or bulged. The staff will inspect the cans by take a sample to ensure that the canned crab meat is safe and edible for the consumers.
The canned crab meat is stored inside refrigerator until they are ready to be delivered to the customers and when the canned crab meat is ready to be shipped; all the cans are packaged into containers. This will allow some prevention of the canned crab meat being damaged during the delivery process. The canned crabs are delivered via air cargo, trucks, boats, etc.
Crab canning manufacturers products
The crab canning manufactures sold high quality canned crab meat based on their grades. They place the crab meat into cans while selecting them according to their species, sizes, and qualities. The grades include:
-          Colossal/ jumbo lump canned crab meat
-          Lump canned crab meat
-          Backfin canned crab meat
-          Special canned crab meat
-          Claw canned crab meat
The colossal or jumbo lump canned crab meat is the most expensive one while the claw canned crab meat is the cheapest product out of the five grades. They are going through the canning process thus they can last for months to one year.
When you want to buy these canned products in supermarket or grocery stores, there are several things you should check to get desired canned crab canning manufacturers products such as:
1.      Make sure no leaked cans
Check the cans to ensure that there is no leak. You also need to ensure that the cans are not crushed and the lids are not opened or damaged in any ways. If you spot such things then you should move to the next product.
2.      Check expired/ due date
Look for the expiratory dates to make sure that they are still edible and not old stocks. This is important although you may think that the life shelf of canned crab is longer than both fresh and frozen unpasteurized crab meat.
3.      Make sure the manufacturers labeled the cans as BPA free
You need to make sure that the manufacturers mentioned about the BPA free on the can’s label as well as their sustainability. It is better to buy canned crab brands that ensure that the canning process does not include BPA and they conduct sustainability process in their products.
4.      No additional unimportant ingredients
You need to check for the ingredients label to make sure there are no additional salt or sodium or any other unnecessary chemical/ additives. Some companies like to added extra additives just to give more flavors or to make the flavors go stronger.
Learn how to buy and understand crab canning manufacturers stages based on the information above. You also need to make sure that the manufacturers willing to answer your questions when you as a customer wants to know about how the process their canned crab meat.
Canning process actually, has been invited since 1809 and now they are popularly used by many seafood suppliers in the world. With this process, they can ensure that the crab meat products or other fish in cans and jars are ready to be eaten even without further cooking process. This is such a simple way to offer easy seafood meal when you do not have much time to prepare and cook a whole crab. For now, the crab canning manufacturers also develop certain more modern technologies to make the canned crab meat has higher qualities. They are sold the products not only domestically, but also internationally and that’s why.

Easy to Cook Canned Crab Dinner Recipe

There are various canned crab dinner recipe that you can try as this seafood is really versatile so you can make different dishes for your family dining menu. Here we have gathered the best recipes that you should try which all also very easy to create when you follow the cooking directions.
Chowder with Corn and Canned Crab Dinner RecipeIngredients:
-          Vegetable oil 1 tbsp
-          Butter 2 tbsp
-          Potatoes diced
-          Peeled diced
-          Celery 2 ribs chopped
-          Yellow onion 1 medium piece chopped
-          Bell pepper 1 small piece seeded then diced
-          Bay leaf 1 piece
-          Black pepper
-          Salt
-          Old bay seasoning 1 tbsp
-          Flour all purpose 3 tbsp
-          Stock 2 cups of any kinds that you like
-          Whole milk 1   quart
-          Corn kernels 3 cups
-          Cooked canned crab meat 8 ounces
-          Bread boules 4 small pieces with 6 inches size made from sour dough, hollow them out.

Topping ingredients:
-          Oyster craker
-          Scallions sliced
-          Cayenne pepper sauce
Canned crab dinner recipe cooking directions:
1.      Take a deep pot then heat it using medium heat setting.
2.      Put inside the oil as well as butter to melt it.
3.      Add the potatoes, onion, celery, as well as bell pepper.
4.      Add the bay leaf
5.      Season it with pepper and salt as well as the old bay seasoning.
6.      Sauté the vegetables for around 5 minutes until soften and sprinkle the flour inside.
7.      Cook for another 2 minutes while constantly stirring it so the flour will be cooked thoroughly.
8.      Pour inside the stock then stir to mix with all of the ingredients.
9.      Pour inside the milk then stir to mix with all of the ingredients.
10.  Bring the soup into boiled.
11.  Add inside the canned crab meat as well as the corn kernels.
12.  Simmer it for another 5 minutes.
13.  Taste and adjust the seasoning as necessary.
14.  Throw away the bay leaf.
15.  Turn off the stove and prepare to serve.
Serving direction:
1.      Take a soup bowl then scoop the soup into the bowls.
2.      Put the oyster crackers, scallions and the sauce into the bowls.
3.      Served while still hot.
Ravioli Canned Crab Dinner Recipe
-          Canned crab meat 6 ounce
-          Ricotta cheese ½ cup
-          Italian seasoning 1 tsp
-          Wonton wrappers 12 ounce or one pack
-          Egg 1 piece beaten
-          Milk 1 cup
-          Tomato sauce mixture 1.3 ounce
-          Butter 2 tbsp
-          Parsley chopped
Canned crab dinner recipe cooking directions:
1.      Drain the crab meat from the can but reserved the liquid.
2.      Take a small bowl then put inside the crab meat.
3.      Add the Italian seasoning and cheese then stir to mix all of the ingredients. Set aside the crab filling.
4.      Take one wonton wrapper then brush the surface with the egg.
5.      Put ½ tsp of the crab filling inside at the center.
6.      Fold the wrapper in diagonal direction to make triangle shape.
7.      Press the edge of the wrapper to seal in the filling.
8.      Repeat step 4 until 7 to all of the wrapper and the filling.
9.      Take a baking sheet then dust the surface using flour.
10.  Arrange inside the crab ravioli.
11.  Take a large saucepan then pour inside the canned crab liquid and milk then put it on the stove in medium high setting.
12.  Add inside the tomato sauce as well as the butter and whisk to mix evenly.
13.  Bring the liquid inside the saucepan to boil.
14.  Reduce the heat setting then simmer it for around 3 minutes, keep this sauce in warm condition using low heat setting while making the ravioli.
15.  Take a large size pot then pour inside salt water and bring it to boil.
16.  Put 8 pieces of the ravioli into the pot then cook them for around 2 minutes until the ravioli arise into the surface of the water.
17.  Use slotted spoon to pick up the ravioli then drop it into the saucepan.
18.  Repeat this process until you have cooked all of the ravioli.
19.  Take serving plates then divide the ravioli into 8 plates.
20.  Sprinkle each plate with parsley then serve while still hot.
Avocado Canned Crab Dinner Recipe Appetizer
-          Avocado 1 piece
-          Lemon juice 3 tbsp
-          Salt ¼ tsp then add more for the seasoning
-          Dijon mustard 1 tsp
-          White pepper
-          Canned crab meat ½ pound
-          Chopped chives 2 tbsp
Canned crab dinner recipe cooking directions:
1.      Pit then peel the avocado out. Cut the avocado into chunks with ½ inch size.
2.      Take a small bowl then put inside the avocado.
3.      Add some of the lemon juice for 1 tbsp then seasons it with salt.
4.      Take a medium bowl then put inside the rest of the lemon juice, white pepper, Dijon mustard, and salt ¼ tsp. Use whisk to mix all of the ingredients evenly.
5.      Add the canned crab meat inside the stir to mix.
6.      Take a 15 ounce size can then cut off the bottom as well as the top lid off.
7.      Take a serving plate then put the can on top.
8.      Take a scoop of the avocado mixture which is around one quarter of the fruit then put it inside the can.
9.      Take a quarter of the canned crab mixture then put it on top of the avocado then press it down to mold the shape around the can.
10.  Once the shape is firm enough then gently pulling off the can from the mixture.
11.  Repeat step 7 until 10 to all of the ingredients.
12.  Garnish it with chives and served.
Those are several recipes that you can follow when you prepare dinner menu for your family or guest that comes into your house. Those are the best canned crab dinner recipe that you can try so you should really make them whenever you can.

How long is Canned Crab Meat Good for?

If you live nowhere near the coastal area where you can get freshest and live crabs then canned crab meat is for sure your alternative when you want to taste a bit of seafood dish. Canned crab meat can be purchased easily at supermarket or grocery stores even when you live in big cities. How long is canned crab meat good for is depends on the condition. If you do not open the lids then they can even last for years. Different case is happen when you already opened the lids of canned crab meat. 

How long is canned crab meat good for?
Pasteurized canned crab meat can be found in refrigerated seafood section at the most grocery stores or supermarket. How long is canned crab meat good for dishes? Basically, they can last for years when they are not opened. It is because the pressure heated or pasteurized process that kill the bacteria as well as make the shelves life to go longer than most of other crab meat products such as frozen crab meat. The canned crab meat is cooked under pressured heat and then stored inside one pound air vacuumed cans or containers.
Pasteurized canned crab meat will be easy to spoil once you open the can lid. So, you should eat or use that within two days. However, how long is canned crab meat good for when stored in the freezer or fridge? When the lid of the canned crab is already opened and you store the left over inside coldest part of the freezer or fridge then it is depend on the storage conditions. But if you want to make the canned crab meat last longer, just make sure that they are refrigerated all times. Of course you should still eat them within 2 to 3 days.
You can maximize the shelf life of opened canned crab meat by take them out of the cans (do not forget to remove the waters) and put them into shallow airtight container or plastic wrap or you can wrap them with heavy-duty aluminum foil. Never store the crab meat in refrigerator still in their original cans because the meats will be quick to spoil and they will taste like the cans. Refrigerate them after.
Some notes you should pay attention to store opened canned crab meat:
-          You need to properly store the canned crab meats and once you open it, you should use them within 2 to 3 days although you already put them inside refrigerator.
-          How long is canned crab last when they are left in the room temperature? It is not recommended to just leave the opened canned crab meat in the room temperature for hours because when you leave them more than 2 hours, the bacteria will start to grow rapidly at temperatures between 40 degrees Fahrenheit and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. You should throw the canned crab meat away when you see the meat start to spoil.
-          In order to maintain the shelf life of opened crab meat in cans further more then you need to freeze them properly. Once again take them out of the cans (do not forget to remove the waters) and put them into shallow airtight container or plastic freezer bags or you can wrap them with heavy-duty aluminum foil. After that put them into the coldest part of the freezer.
How long is canned crab meat good for when properly frozen? If you properly kept the opened canned crab meat inside freezer then they can last for 3 months. However, they may remain safe beyond that time. Of course it is valid for best quality of canned crab meat and when they are stored or maintained properly. If the pasteurized crab meat is constantly stored in freezer with temperature setting of 0 degrees Fahrenheit then they are mostly safe for longer time.
Thawed opened canned crab meat after frozen
The next thing you should pay attention is about canned crab meat that thawed properly after being stored in the freezer. How long is canned crab meat good for when they are already thawed? If you take out the crab meat out of the freezer and then thaw them properly overnight by leave the meat in fridge then they can be kept for additional 2 to 3 days inside refrigerator before you use them. However, if you thaw the crab meat with cold water or microwave then you should use or eat them right away. Please take note that never try to refrozen the crab meat again after you thaw it because it will taste so bad.
How to tell if the pasteurized canned crab meat is already turned bad or spoilage? Well, you do not need to taste them first just to make sure whether the crab meat still good or not. You can check their appearance and smell them to ensure that they are already rotten. If they smell bad or stink then discard them quickly.
How to buy canned crab meat?
When you visit grocery stores or supermarket, pasteurized canned crab meat mostly displayed in the refrigerated section of the seafood and since there are many brands of canned crab, you need to be smart when choosing the best crab meat in cans. Below is some guides you can follow when you want to buy canned crab meat in grocery stores:
1.      Never buy canned crab meat if you spot that the cans are leaked or damaged or the lids are already opened. Move to another closed can.
2.      Check for the expiratory dates to make sure that they are still edible and not old stocks. The expired date can be seen mostly on the bottom or the side part of the can.
3.      Look for certain labels that mentioned about the BPA free and sustainability. It is better to buy canned crab brands that ensure the sustainability of their products.
4.      Check for the nutritional values and the ingredients info to ensure that there is no additional salt which going to add more sodium in the crab meat or any other unnecessary additives.
Those are few simple guides when you buy canned crab meat and information about how long is canned crab meat good for in many storage conditions.

Crab Benefits

There are so many numbers of crab benefits to our health. Crab itself is a popular seafood menu along with shrimp, salmon, and tuna. Crab is not only a great source of protein, but it also contains omega-3 fatty acids meaning that the meat is good to promote overall body health.
However, it is also worthy to take some note that not all crab is edible. There are many types of crabs available, but not all good to be consumed. For example Ocypode Africana is mostly used as bait rather than for culinary purposes.
Live crabs usually have delicate texture and this is why you need to be careful when handling the crab. If you fail to handle the crab during cooking preparation then the crab will easily weaken and it will lead to discoloration and chalky in terms of appearance and in the end it makes the crabs look unpalatable.
7 incredible crab benefits for our health
Crab is one of the most popular seafood caught from the sea. There are thousands of different crab species around the world but few are used as a food source. Crabs are crustaceans from an intraorder namely Brachyura which usually have a hard exoskeleton with two claws. Although there are so many species of crabs, but Portunus trituberculatus are mostly served on top of your plate. Not to mention it is because there are more than 300,000 tons of these crabs are caught each year and they are represents almost 20 percents of all crabs fished and consumed in the world.
To access the nutrition meat, the crab’s exoskeleton needs to be broken and separated from the meat. If you are lucky, there are large crabs which offer a surprisingly large amount of meat inside them. You can easily find crab menus all around the world especially in seafood restaurants. However, crab is not only serves as delicious entrée, because they packed with full of omega-3, selenium, protein, vitamin B, and so on. This is why crab is good to be added into your diet menus. Let’s learn more about crab healthy benefits with this information below.
1.      Boosting mental activity
Since crab is full of nutrients including omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, copper, and vitamin B2 then crab is a great meal for cognition as well as your nervous body system. If you have enough crab intakes each week or month, the nutrients inside of the meat can strengthen myeling while protecting the nervous system. The crab benefits also help to lower inflammation and neuralgia.
2.      It helps to promote health bones
The two most important nutrients that promote healthy bones are calcium and phosphorus. They are common minerals found in a human body which very essential to keep both the bones and teeth in strong condition. Fortunately, crab benefits are also contains enough level of calcium and phosphorus for those who want to have stronger bones and teeth. And if you high chance to suffer from osteoporosis or you are getting older then it is better to start guarantee an active lifestyle by consuming crabs that high in these important minerals.
3.      Improve immune system
Your body immune system needs all the help it can get from fight against any chance of illnesses every day. To guarantee your body healthy, you need to eat food rich in selenium because this mineral has been linked to improve immune system activity and has an important role as antioxidants to fight against free radicals effect which can cause cellular mutation and in the end lead to cancers or other chronic diseases. Selenium can be found in crab benefits along with riboflavin. Riboflavin can act to increase the production of antioxidants too.
4.      Helps to protect the heart
Crab is noted to have high level of omega-3 fatty acids. Although many people like to assume that all fats are bad for their body, but not for omega-3 fats because it is a good fat that can help to protect your heart. It will balance your cholesterol level and promoting anti-inflammatory activity within the body. It is not only can help to lower cardiovascular disease, but it helps to prevent high blood pressure, stroke, and the development of atherosclerosis.
5.      Increase body circulation
Copper is often overlooked by people but in fact, this mineral has an essential role for regular organ function. Crab benefits found in an enough amount of copper inside the delicious meat to help absorb iron which is also an important mineral to human body system. Iron play a key role in red blood cells production and so it helps to boost circulation system while ensuring that each part of our body organs get enough oxygen to work effectively. With this benefit, our body can heal and re-growing cells faster when injury or illness happen.
6.      Detoxifies our body
So our body immune system can do all the work alone so our body needs to detoxifies toxins and other pollutions with the help of kidney and liver. Crabs have a good amount of phosphorus which can help to improve kidney’s function so it can work effectively and speeding the release of pollutions and toxins out of our body. Phosphorus also help to boost overall metabolic system.
7.      Kills inflammation
Benefits of eating crabs are that your body can get a lot of vitamins and minerals which can be used to reduce and even eliminate inflammation in your body. Minerals like omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, and copper all of which can be found in crab delicious meats are important to kill inflammation. If you suffer from gout, gastrointestinal, arthritis inflammation issues then start to eat your seafood might not be a bad idea at all!
Some notes that you need to pay attention is that although crab has a lot of benefits, but you still need to limit your amount of consumption due to the high level of cholesterol and sodium. For those who suffer from high cholesterol and cardiovascular conditions, it is better to avoid eating crabs. Adding crabs to your daily menu will harm you more. Speak to an expert if you are not so sure about the crab benefits when you are in some special conditions.

Indonesia Canned Crab Meat Supplier

Crab in Indonesia is always in season thanks to the maritime area and the tropical climate. One of the most popular crab products in there is crab meat packaged in cans. This product sold by many Indonesia canned crab meat supplier since they are not only cheap, but also become important commodities in export import transaction due to the high market demand. Crab meat is pasteurized and then packed into cans so they will have longer shelf life than fresh crab meat. It is ideal to be used when you want to make many recipes with crab meat as the ingredient.

Why you need to buy from Indonesia canned crab meat supplier?
Crab in Indonesia is called ‘Kepiting’ and they are favored by many Indonesia people due to their delicious taste and soft texture when cooked. The crabs are important trade commodity for Indonesia people that sold domestically and internationally. Indonesia canned crab meat supplier delivered the crab meat in cans or cups across the countries to various importers such as Singapore, America, China, and many more.
Indonesia is one of the top crab producers in the world with canned crab as one of their products. Why you should by canned crab meat from Indonesian suppliers? First, there are cheap in prices especially if you want to order bulk the canned crab meat then you can get discounted prices. And second, the canned crab meat from Indonesia can be compared by other countries in terms of quality which means that they offered only good quality of crab meats in cans to satisfy customers.
Is canned crab meat in Indonesia safe and edible?
Yes, the canned crab meat in Indonesia is safe and edible because it already through heat pressured process in order to make sure that all the bacteria inside the meats are removed. In addition, the process also ensures longer shelf life of the crab meats. Furthermore, for export import transaction, all the canned crab meat is going through tight health inspection and they are certified by regulators thus you do not need to be worried with the safety of the crab meats.
Where the crab meats are sourced from?
Most of the crab meats in Indonesia taken from wild caught crabs harvested from the ocean with sustainable fishing method. The crabs are taken alive because fresh crab meats are the best quality when they are processed into canned seafood. The crabs are caught from areas such as West Java, Sumatra, and Sulawesi.
However, because of the high market demand for crab meats, Indonesia canned crab meat supplier also sourced their crab meat from crab farms. The farmed crab meat can be as good as the wild caught crab since the farmers make sure to raise them in proper methods and minimize the contamination of mercury.
How the canned crab meat is being delivered?
Canned crab meat from Indonesia is delivered via trucks or boats for domestic trades. The crab meat is packed tidily and then shipped to various supermarkets, grocery stores, hotels, restaurants, retailers, wholesalers, and other customers. As for export import transaction, the crab meat is delivered via air cargo for quick delivery process. This is the best method to ensure that the crab meat shipped to the customers in time. Since crab meat in cans have long shelf life, sometime cheap Indonesia canned crab meat supplier is also like to ship them by boats for cheaper shipping delivery alternative.
Before the crab meat is being delivered, the suppliers need to ensure they achieve certificate of HACCP. This is mean that the canned crab meat is safe and edible for consuming and ready to be delivered as export product. After the certification is gained, the cargo will schedule the delivery process as soon as possible and then ship them to its destinations.
Indonesia canned crab meat grades
Canned crab meat in Indonesia is sold according to their grades as well. Price will be different according to their grades and sizes which lead to the different qualities. Here are four different crab meat grades which you likely encounter when buying canned crab meats from Indonesia canned crab meat suppliers in the market:
·         Colossal/ Jumbo lump canned crab: Colossal lump crab meat or also know as super or mega jumbo lump is the largest chunks of meat taken from the meat that connect to the swimming fins of the crab. It has large size and the price is the most expensive one among crab meat grades. As for the jumbo lump, it is the same two muscles but in smaller crab size than the colossal canned crab.
·         Lump crab canned meat: This is another grade taken from broken jumbo lumps mixed with large chunks of crab body meat. The product is less expensive than colossal and jumbo lump, but they are still offer delicate flavor with nice bright color. This is great when used as ingredient for restaurant quality or fine dining crab cakes because of the large size.
·         Backfin crab canned meat: Backfin crab canned meat consists of smaller broken chunks of lump crab meat. They are mixed with white body meat flakes of the crab. Although it is cheaper than the lump canned crab, however they are still offer delicious flavor and enough texture to offer appealing appearance when served on the plate. You can buy them from Indonesia canned crab meat supplier online for dishes when the crab meat is still visible.
·         Special crab canned meat: This crab canned meat consists of smaller flakes taken from body cavity white crab meat. It is great to be used for dish that shows delicate flavor and good color rather than visual impact. The price is least expensive than backfin crab canned meat or other canned crab meat grades above.
·         Claw crab canned meat: This is the cheapest canned crab meat since it only consists of claw meat of crab with pinkish brown meat rather than white meat. It has flavorful taste which not going to lose even when you mixed it with other ingredient or seasonings.
Those are variety of Indonesia canned crab meat supplier which you can buy in the market.



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We are Canned Crab Meats, Red Snapper, Lobster, Grouper, Tuna, Shrimp Suppliers in Indonesia. Ready to provide affordable price with the best quality. Contact us for reservations and Offer

: Java, Indonesia

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