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Unique Crab Behavioral Adaptations for Survival

There are many crab behavioral adaptations for survival that this shellfish do since they need to be able to fight their predators and live in their natural habitat. This creature itself is actually very unique shellfish and with great taste, this creature has also become one of the best food fish that people love to consume. However, even though this creature has become a popular food fish, but most people do not have a lot of knowledge about it especially on their behavior and adaptation that they do in their natural habitat so they can survived. That is why; if you are interested, then let us find out more about their survival adaptation here.
What is Crab Behavioral Adaptations for Survival?
Actually there are various reasons why crab behavioral adaptations for survival exist since they need to survive in their natural habitat. The crabs are living in various habitats from fully marine creature, in estuaries area, or fully land creature. But most of the time, their adaptation is similar to one another since they all also have similar needs. Those needs are important so they can survive well in the nature and grow well. This might be the reason why, you notice that the crab can grow better in controlled environment such as when they are growing inside a crab farm. But outside the crab farm, then the situation would be different since they do not have controlled environment thus they need to adapt well to conquer all of the challenge in the nature.
First thing that they need to do is to find a way to hide themselves from their predators. To do this they will have behavior to dig the sand or mud using their claws where they can hide themselves inside. The mud and sand are very dark, thus their predators cannot see them when they hide inside the holes that they dig. Their body color is another adaptation that they do since their color will work as camouflage where they can hide within the same color area with their body color. That way, their natural predator cannot easily detect them when they hide themselves. This might be the reason why you cannot easily see them in their natural habitat as they can hide very well.
Other crab behavioral adaptations for survival that they do are to find place where they can hunt for food better. That is why; sometimes they will go into the intertidal area where they can hunt their food better especially when the high tide comes. Now when they already get enough food, then they will go back to their safe place which usually on sub tidal area where they can hide better during the low tide times. Surely different crab species has different preference when it comes to the place where they live. That is why; the crabs may choose to live in different habitat thus their behavior will also different according to the habitat where they choose to live.
Nevertheless crab is a type of creature that can adapt very well in their environment thus they can survive well with the change that available in the water where they live or with other natural condition changes. This adaptation is actually beneficial for you who want to farm this food fish as you can easily create controlled condition where the crab can live well in that environment. Once they live inside the controlled environment and survived, then they can grow very well. Now you can use them for commercial usage once you are success in growing them inside your crab farm.
Besides the natural crab behavioral adaptations for survival, their adaptation also comes in the physical change that they do. This physical adaptation is done so they can survive better in their natural habitat. First physical adaptation that they do is to protect their body with their skeleton. This is why; their skeleton lies outside their body instead of inside like other creatures. However, when it comes to the structure their exoskeleton is actually very similar to our skeleton which is very rigid. Their exoskeleton is also very hard which will then forming carapace that function to protect their internal organ and body inside. By using their skeleton as armor, then they can protect themselves better from their natural predators.
Other physical adaptation that you can see from the crab is on their legs. You surely already know that they have eight legs with two different legs. Those two different legs are actually their form of crab behavioral adaptations for survival. Through the adaptation, they are able to change those two legs into bigger size claws. And using those claws they are able to defend themselves from their predators. Furthermore, they would also able to catch their prey better by using those claws to grab the prey. Thus this adaptation is actually very important for the crab survival rate. The claws are actually also useful when they made with the female crab. During the mating time, the claw will be used as a display which is a way to attract the female crab so they would mate with the male. Sometimes the claw will also used to fight other male crab to win the female.
Another form of adaptation that they crab done so they can survive very well in their nature is on the way they breathe. As you know some of the crabs are using gill to breathe thus some of the crab that move to dry place will have special plate which allows them to stored the water inside their body so they can breathe outside the water. Sometimes they will even stored water inside their blood and even their bladder. But for a fully land crab, their adaptation is very extreme as they will change the way that they breathe completely. They do would not need water anymore since their gill has changed function to be similar to our lungs. As you can see, there are various crab behavioral adaptations for survival which allows them to live better in their natural habitat.

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