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Crab Canning Manufacturers

Crab canning manufacturers offer canned crab meat product process in the factory which consists of pasteurization process to the delivery process until they are sold in the market. With the pasteurized process, the canned crab meat is 100 percent free from the bacteria and the canning process in factory allows the crab meat to have longer shelf life than most of the fresh or frozen unpasteurized crab meats. Canning process also refers to the crab meat that packed inside metal cans thus it is a simplest method to offer good quality crab meat in the easiest way. Learn the stage of canning manufacturer’s process below.
Understanding crab canning manufacturers process
Crab canning manufacturers in the world use pasteurized process to pack the crab meat inside cans and this canning process conducted in the facilities which consist of several stages from selecting, preparing, cleaning, heating, cooking, to the shipping process. First, the fresh and alive crabs arrive in the factory after being harvested from the ocean. And when the factory received the crabs, the staffs will start to inspect and sorted the crabs based on their sizes, species, and qualities.
The selected crabs are cleaned, washed, and prepared by remove all the crab shells attached. The crabs that already cleaned are going through the next process with high temperature. This heated pressured process called pasteurization stage that conducted in the pasteurized room With this special pasteurized process thus all of the harmful bacteria are killed and then the crab meat is sealed inside some air tight container.
The next stage is to cook the crab meats. The crabs are cooled down in cooler room until they are stops steaming. Sometime the cooling process needs around 2 hours to make the crab meat stop steaming. After that, the pasteurized crabs are going through cooking process in cooked room with 250 degrees high temperature.
The crabs are going through cooler room in trusted crab canning manufacturers process to stop the steaming after being cooked in the high temperature. By hands, the crab meat is packaged into metal cans manually. After the crab meat cans are checked by weight and size in the packing room, to be able to lock the freshness and sucked out the air, these cans are hermetically sealed.
Final stage includes the last pasteurized process by heating the cans once again in the water bath and then cooled down with water or ice slush. After that, all the canned crab meat put into a room for few hours to make sure they are not damaged such as leaked or bulged. The staff will inspect the cans by take a sample to ensure that the canned crab meat is safe and edible for the consumers.
The canned crab meat is stored inside refrigerator until they are ready to be delivered to the customers and when the canned crab meat is ready to be shipped; all the cans are packaged into containers. This will allow some prevention of the canned crab meat being damaged during the delivery process. The canned crabs are delivered via air cargo, trucks, boats, etc.
Crab canning manufacturers products
The crab canning manufactures sold high quality canned crab meat based on their grades. They place the crab meat into cans while selecting them according to their species, sizes, and qualities. The grades include:
-          Colossal/ jumbo lump canned crab meat
-          Lump canned crab meat
-          Backfin canned crab meat
-          Special canned crab meat
-          Claw canned crab meat
The colossal or jumbo lump canned crab meat is the most expensive one while the claw canned crab meat is the cheapest product out of the five grades. They are going through the canning process thus they can last for months to one year.
When you want to buy these canned products in supermarket or grocery stores, there are several things you should check to get desired canned crab canning manufacturers products such as:
1.      Make sure no leaked cans
Check the cans to ensure that there is no leak. You also need to ensure that the cans are not crushed and the lids are not opened or damaged in any ways. If you spot such things then you should move to the next product.
2.      Check expired/ due date
Look for the expiratory dates to make sure that they are still edible and not old stocks. This is important although you may think that the life shelf of canned crab is longer than both fresh and frozen unpasteurized crab meat.
3.      Make sure the manufacturers labeled the cans as BPA free
You need to make sure that the manufacturers mentioned about the BPA free on the can’s label as well as their sustainability. It is better to buy canned crab brands that ensure that the canning process does not include BPA and they conduct sustainability process in their products.
4.      No additional unimportant ingredients
You need to check for the ingredients label to make sure there are no additional salt or sodium or any other unnecessary chemical/ additives. Some companies like to added extra additives just to give more flavors or to make the flavors go stronger.
Learn how to buy and understand crab canning manufacturers stages based on the information above. You also need to make sure that the manufacturers willing to answer your questions when you as a customer wants to know about how the process their canned crab meat.
Canning process actually, has been invited since 1809 and now they are popularly used by many seafood suppliers in the world. With this process, they can ensure that the crab meat products or other fish in cans and jars are ready to be eaten even without further cooking process. This is such a simple way to offer easy seafood meal when you do not have much time to prepare and cook a whole crab. For now, the crab canning manufacturers also develop certain more modern technologies to make the canned crab meat has higher qualities. They are sold the products not only domestically, but also internationally and that’s why.

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