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Easy to Cook Canned Crab Dinner Recipe

There are various canned crab dinner recipe that you can try as this seafood is really versatile so you can make different dishes for your family dining menu. Here we have gathered the best recipes that you should try which all also very easy to create when you follow the cooking directions.
Chowder with Corn and Canned Crab Dinner RecipeIngredients:
-          Vegetable oil 1 tbsp
-          Butter 2 tbsp
-          Potatoes diced
-          Peeled diced
-          Celery 2 ribs chopped
-          Yellow onion 1 medium piece chopped
-          Bell pepper 1 small piece seeded then diced
-          Bay leaf 1 piece
-          Black pepper
-          Salt
-          Old bay seasoning 1 tbsp
-          Flour all purpose 3 tbsp
-          Stock 2 cups of any kinds that you like
-          Whole milk 1   quart
-          Corn kernels 3 cups
-          Cooked canned crab meat 8 ounces
-          Bread boules 4 small pieces with 6 inches size made from sour dough, hollow them out.

Topping ingredients:
-          Oyster craker
-          Scallions sliced
-          Cayenne pepper sauce
Canned crab dinner recipe cooking directions:
1.      Take a deep pot then heat it using medium heat setting.
2.      Put inside the oil as well as butter to melt it.
3.      Add the potatoes, onion, celery, as well as bell pepper.
4.      Add the bay leaf
5.      Season it with pepper and salt as well as the old bay seasoning.
6.      Sauté the vegetables for around 5 minutes until soften and sprinkle the flour inside.
7.      Cook for another 2 minutes while constantly stirring it so the flour will be cooked thoroughly.
8.      Pour inside the stock then stir to mix with all of the ingredients.
9.      Pour inside the milk then stir to mix with all of the ingredients.
10.  Bring the soup into boiled.
11.  Add inside the canned crab meat as well as the corn kernels.
12.  Simmer it for another 5 minutes.
13.  Taste and adjust the seasoning as necessary.
14.  Throw away the bay leaf.
15.  Turn off the stove and prepare to serve.
Serving direction:
1.      Take a soup bowl then scoop the soup into the bowls.
2.      Put the oyster crackers, scallions and the sauce into the bowls.
3.      Served while still hot.
Ravioli Canned Crab Dinner Recipe
-          Canned crab meat 6 ounce
-          Ricotta cheese ½ cup
-          Italian seasoning 1 tsp
-          Wonton wrappers 12 ounce or one pack
-          Egg 1 piece beaten
-          Milk 1 cup
-          Tomato sauce mixture 1.3 ounce
-          Butter 2 tbsp
-          Parsley chopped
Canned crab dinner recipe cooking directions:
1.      Drain the crab meat from the can but reserved the liquid.
2.      Take a small bowl then put inside the crab meat.
3.      Add the Italian seasoning and cheese then stir to mix all of the ingredients. Set aside the crab filling.
4.      Take one wonton wrapper then brush the surface with the egg.
5.      Put ½ tsp of the crab filling inside at the center.
6.      Fold the wrapper in diagonal direction to make triangle shape.
7.      Press the edge of the wrapper to seal in the filling.
8.      Repeat step 4 until 7 to all of the wrapper and the filling.
9.      Take a baking sheet then dust the surface using flour.
10.  Arrange inside the crab ravioli.
11.  Take a large saucepan then pour inside the canned crab liquid and milk then put it on the stove in medium high setting.
12.  Add inside the tomato sauce as well as the butter and whisk to mix evenly.
13.  Bring the liquid inside the saucepan to boil.
14.  Reduce the heat setting then simmer it for around 3 minutes, keep this sauce in warm condition using low heat setting while making the ravioli.
15.  Take a large size pot then pour inside salt water and bring it to boil.
16.  Put 8 pieces of the ravioli into the pot then cook them for around 2 minutes until the ravioli arise into the surface of the water.
17.  Use slotted spoon to pick up the ravioli then drop it into the saucepan.
18.  Repeat this process until you have cooked all of the ravioli.
19.  Take serving plates then divide the ravioli into 8 plates.
20.  Sprinkle each plate with parsley then serve while still hot.
Avocado Canned Crab Dinner Recipe Appetizer
-          Avocado 1 piece
-          Lemon juice 3 tbsp
-          Salt ¼ tsp then add more for the seasoning
-          Dijon mustard 1 tsp
-          White pepper
-          Canned crab meat ½ pound
-          Chopped chives 2 tbsp
Canned crab dinner recipe cooking directions:
1.      Pit then peel the avocado out. Cut the avocado into chunks with ½ inch size.
2.      Take a small bowl then put inside the avocado.
3.      Add some of the lemon juice for 1 tbsp then seasons it with salt.
4.      Take a medium bowl then put inside the rest of the lemon juice, white pepper, Dijon mustard, and salt ¼ tsp. Use whisk to mix all of the ingredients evenly.
5.      Add the canned crab meat inside the stir to mix.
6.      Take a 15 ounce size can then cut off the bottom as well as the top lid off.
7.      Take a serving plate then put the can on top.
8.      Take a scoop of the avocado mixture which is around one quarter of the fruit then put it inside the can.
9.      Take a quarter of the canned crab mixture then put it on top of the avocado then press it down to mold the shape around the can.
10.  Once the shape is firm enough then gently pulling off the can from the mixture.
11.  Repeat step 7 until 10 to all of the ingredients.
12.  Garnish it with chives and served.
Those are several recipes that you can follow when you prepare dinner menu for your family or guest that comes into your house. Those are the best canned crab dinner recipe that you can try so you should really make them whenever you can.

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