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Crab Benefits

There are so many numbers of crab benefits to our health. Crab itself is a popular seafood menu along with shrimp, salmon, and tuna. Crab is not only a great source of protein, but it also contains omega-3 fatty acids meaning that the meat is good to promote overall body health.
However, it is also worthy to take some note that not all crab is edible. There are many types of crabs available, but not all good to be consumed. For example Ocypode Africana is mostly used as bait rather than for culinary purposes.
Live crabs usually have delicate texture and this is why you need to be careful when handling the crab. If you fail to handle the crab during cooking preparation then the crab will easily weaken and it will lead to discoloration and chalky in terms of appearance and in the end it makes the crabs look unpalatable.
7 incredible crab benefits for our health
Crab is one of the most popular seafood caught from the sea. There are thousands of different crab species around the world but few are used as a food source. Crabs are crustaceans from an intraorder namely Brachyura which usually have a hard exoskeleton with two claws. Although there are so many species of crabs, but Portunus trituberculatus are mostly served on top of your plate. Not to mention it is because there are more than 300,000 tons of these crabs are caught each year and they are represents almost 20 percents of all crabs fished and consumed in the world.
To access the nutrition meat, the crab’s exoskeleton needs to be broken and separated from the meat. If you are lucky, there are large crabs which offer a surprisingly large amount of meat inside them. You can easily find crab menus all around the world especially in seafood restaurants. However, crab is not only serves as delicious entrĂ©e, because they packed with full of omega-3, selenium, protein, vitamin B, and so on. This is why crab is good to be added into your diet menus. Let’s learn more about crab healthy benefits with this information below.
1.      Boosting mental activity
Since crab is full of nutrients including omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, copper, and vitamin B2 then crab is a great meal for cognition as well as your nervous body system. If you have enough crab intakes each week or month, the nutrients inside of the meat can strengthen myeling while protecting the nervous system. The crab benefits also help to lower inflammation and neuralgia.
2.      It helps to promote health bones
The two most important nutrients that promote healthy bones are calcium and phosphorus. They are common minerals found in a human body which very essential to keep both the bones and teeth in strong condition. Fortunately, crab benefits are also contains enough level of calcium and phosphorus for those who want to have stronger bones and teeth. And if you high chance to suffer from osteoporosis or you are getting older then it is better to start guarantee an active lifestyle by consuming crabs that high in these important minerals.
3.      Improve immune system
Your body immune system needs all the help it can get from fight against any chance of illnesses every day. To guarantee your body healthy, you need to eat food rich in selenium because this mineral has been linked to improve immune system activity and has an important role as antioxidants to fight against free radicals effect which can cause cellular mutation and in the end lead to cancers or other chronic diseases. Selenium can be found in crab benefits along with riboflavin. Riboflavin can act to increase the production of antioxidants too.
4.      Helps to protect the heart
Crab is noted to have high level of omega-3 fatty acids. Although many people like to assume that all fats are bad for their body, but not for omega-3 fats because it is a good fat that can help to protect your heart. It will balance your cholesterol level and promoting anti-inflammatory activity within the body. It is not only can help to lower cardiovascular disease, but it helps to prevent high blood pressure, stroke, and the development of atherosclerosis.
5.      Increase body circulation
Copper is often overlooked by people but in fact, this mineral has an essential role for regular organ function. Crab benefits found in an enough amount of copper inside the delicious meat to help absorb iron which is also an important mineral to human body system. Iron play a key role in red blood cells production and so it helps to boost circulation system while ensuring that each part of our body organs get enough oxygen to work effectively. With this benefit, our body can heal and re-growing cells faster when injury or illness happen.
6.      Detoxifies our body
So our body immune system can do all the work alone so our body needs to detoxifies toxins and other pollutions with the help of kidney and liver. Crabs have a good amount of phosphorus which can help to improve kidney’s function so it can work effectively and speeding the release of pollutions and toxins out of our body. Phosphorus also help to boost overall metabolic system.
7.      Kills inflammation
Benefits of eating crabs are that your body can get a lot of vitamins and minerals which can be used to reduce and even eliminate inflammation in your body. Minerals like omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, and copper all of which can be found in crab delicious meats are important to kill inflammation. If you suffer from gout, gastrointestinal, arthritis inflammation issues then start to eat your seafood might not be a bad idea at all!
Some notes that you need to pay attention is that although crab has a lot of benefits, but you still need to limit your amount of consumption due to the high level of cholesterol and sodium. For those who suffer from high cholesterol and cardiovascular conditions, it is better to avoid eating crabs. Adding crabs to your daily menu will harm you more. Speak to an expert if you are not so sure about the crab benefits when you are in some special conditions.

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