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Is Crab Meat Good for Weight Loss?

Is crab meat good for weight loss? The answer is yes! The reason is simple; it is because crab meat contains variety healthy nutrition which is good for your body. One of the nutrition is the lean protein. As you may already know that people who undergo weight lost diet is very recommended to consume meals with high protein content in order to help build strong muscle tissue and to control their crave during diet.
Crab is good since it also contain high protein that you need. However, make sure that you are not over consuming since crab is also high in cholesterol. Moreover, for people who allergic with seafood particularly the crab meat then it is better to avoid eating them and move to other meals that contain similar high protein level.
Is crab meat good for weight loss diet and why?
Crab meat is good for your weight loss diet since it contains key minerals, vitamins, and protein to support your body during diet. In addition, crab also contains low calories and fats which are just 82 calories for 3 ounce of crab per serving. However, there are certain downsides consuming crab meats although the benefits of the crab outweigh these risks. In conclusion, crab meat is good for your weight lost diet since:
1.      Crab meat contains high protein level
Daily recommendation for protein for men is 56 grams and for women is 46 grams and if you consume about 3 ounce of crab meat then you already get about 16.45 grams of protein toward these daily recommendation. Just like we already mentioned above, protein is essential for your body especially during diet because it helps your body to build strong tissues and muscles. This is an adequate intake for your body because crab is good source of protein. In addition, it also supplied about 20 amino acids to support new protein production.
2.      Crab meat contains vitamin B12
Another essential nutrient during weight lose diet is vitamin B12 and crab meat is an excellent source for this vitamin. Is crab meat good for weight loss diet? Yes, it is because you can get 9.78 micrograms of vitamin B12 just from eating 3 ounces of crab meat. For your information daily recommended value for vitamin B12 is only 9.78 micrograms per day. This vitamin useful to support red blood cells production for your body and it also help supporting normal brain function. According to the National Institutes of Health, having vitamin B12 for your body can help to decrease cardiovascular diseases risk.
3.      Crab meat contains the omega-3 fatty acids
Omega-3 fatty acids are the most powerful healthy nutrient you can gain from consuming seafood including crab meat. These fats help to lower high blood pressure and in the end it can help to decrease heart diseases risk. Furthermore, the omega-3 fatty acids are also known to help lower triglycerides while increasing the amount of good cholesterol which known as HDL. Moreover, it helps to prevent blood clothing and fight against infections.
4.      Crab meat contains healthy minerals
Besides those useful vitamins, crab meat is also contains healthy minerals such as sodium. Since the crab is sourced from salty ocean waters then of course they contain sodium as well. However, if your blood pressure is in high level then limit your intake of sodium is a must. But, of course your body still needs to have a small amount of sodium because one of the important advantages is that it helps to maintain fluid in your body and has vital roles for muscle contraction and enzyme operations. Meanwhile, healthy adults need to limit their consumption of sodium about 2,300 mg per day or less. But, those who have heart diseases and people over 50 needs to limit their intake about 1,500 mg or less.
Besides the sodium, crab meat contains phosphorus useful to strengthen your bones and teeth, potassium to support healthy body cells, and calcium which is good not only to strengthen your bones but also for overall body health maintenance.
Information about the cholesterol of crab meat
Is crab meat good for weight loss if they contain cholesterol? There is nothing wrong with meals contain cholesterol as long as you know how to limit yourself eating them. Too much cholesterol in your diet can increase the level of low-density lipoprotein and not to mention the harmful bad cholesterol or LDL will increase too. Thanks that crab meat even though they have slightly high cholesterol level, but they also contain low amount of saturated fat.
Mercury level inside the crab meat
The next thing you might needed to be concerned is the mercury level contained in the crab meat. Just like any other seafood sourced from the sea waters, crabs also bring some mercury amount inside their body. However, it does not mean you need to avoid eating seafood. You just need to select the one that have low amount of mercury content just like the crab meat. Yes! The crab meat contains low mercury and thus you can safely eating them with moderate amount.
Tips for eating crab meat for your diet
After you understand that crab meat is good for your weight lose diet then you need to know how to prepare and cook the meat because additional ingredients may add more calories and cholesterol to the crab meat dishes. For diet, make sure that you do not add high calories sauces or dips; you can make healthy salad by sprinkle some of crab meats on top of it. You can also make some soups or healthy stews with the crab meat. Another good recipe is to stuffing the crab meat into your sandwich.
Those are some information regarding crab meats. If you still in doubt is crab meat good for weight loss or not then you can try to ask your experts or nutritionist. They will help you to find good meals to support your diet. Ask them about whether you can eat crab meat if you have certain conditions as well.

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